10+ Places to Eat & Drink in Evansville Indiana

We are not originally from the area, so I’d like to think I’m unbiased in my appreciation for these places below. I love to support local businesses and eat at restaurants that are not a chain. (There’s just something about the intentionality of restaurants that aren’t mass-produced can give an extra flair to a city or town..) My husband and I love good food and high quality drinks! It’s definitely one thing that we love to enjoy and indulge in together! So Here it is!

10 Places to Eat in Evansville

  1. Gerst Haus – My GO-TO comfort food, Beef Stroganoff (They make the best one I’ve ever had!)
  2. Samuel’s – You MUST have the brussel sprouts. They are TO DIE FOR!
  3. Comfort
  4. Pangea
  5. 2nd Language – The best ramen bowls! Yummy!!
  6. Sauced – The most delicious handmade pasta you can find! And their fried chicken is Next Level!
  7. Copper House
  8. Amy’s on Franklin
  9. Noche – Yummy Margs, the best chips and salsa! Everything is great!
  10. Parlor Doughnuts – “doughnuts” are fried croissants … Now I’m craving one! YUM!

two handmade margaritas sitting on a table with garnishes on the rims of the drinks

10 Places to Drink in Evansville

  1. Myriad Brewing
  2. Fidel’s – our go-to when we have people visit, it’s low-key, sophisticated, and the yummiest drinks!
  3. Mo’s House – Amazing drinks and sophisticated, fun vibe! If you can get there early or before the crowd, that’s ideal! So popular, sometimes you need to wait to get a spot
  4. Arcademie
  5. Entwined Wine Bar
  6. Damsel Brew Pub
  7. Bokeh Lounge
  8. Barker Brewhouse – new on the west side, amazing vibe, you get to see lots of dogs, and I love when they have local food trucks outside!
  9. Marina Pointe – to get a taste of vacation at the beach while in the midwest! Marina pointe is wide open and great for summer time!

That’s just a few of my favorites, let me know what you think! And if I need to add another place to the list, or try something different!  If you are sticking around Evansville, reach out to me! I’d love to send other suggestions!

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