Best of 2017

So, I realize that this post is a bit late… oops! Better late than never though!

Looking back at 2017, I realize that it has been my most eye-opening year of my life thus far. I photographed more weddings this year than I ever have so far! I moved over 500 miles, not once but Twice! (I joke that we like to play leap-frog with states.) There are Many reasons why 2017 was so special, but here are some of my most memorable and most favorite memories:

Derrick’s Oldest Sister, Jessica, married the man of her dreams in Alabama. And I got to experience how southerners handle “winter storms”.

I packed up my doggie, Diesel, and we moved in with Derrick & Duke to the a town outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma!

This is where I was blessed with meeting Miss Ellie, who not only is an Ah-mazing photographer, but a spiritual leader for many young women including myself! You should really go check her out – Seriously.

I was also blessed with meeting Olivia Marie! She flew in to my hometown, Peoria, and helped me shoot Kelly & Matt’s wedding. She then rode with me 8+ hours in a car (bless her heart!) back to Tulsa to explore the town with me!

She took photos of Derrick & I at our favorite park from our apartment (below)- exactly one year after the day that we met! These were our first professional photos together & I will always love them!

Photo By Olivia Marie Photography

I love watching Olivia travel all over the world to conquer her dream! You can check her out right HERE.  She’s just the Sweetest!

The Eckhardt’s keep sharing their ADORABLE family with me && I will always cherish that. Mr. Rohman is growing up WAY too fast. (Just wait for another! – He is to die for! *Swoon!*)

Hanging out with Max & Alyssa always includes Lots of Laughs! It was such an honor to photograph them.. (Also more on these too..!)

Emily & Dallas were such a kind, compassionate, selfless couple! You can see it in each of the moments they have together and how they interact. (TBC’d)

In Oklahoma, I met this girl who made every single day exciting and joyful! She accepted her dream job as a cheer coach and I couldn’t resist capturing the excitement!

Back in Illinois, Emily & Dallas had the most loving, sweet ceremony. The day was spent with their closest friends and family to honor their commitment and start this next, exciting part of their journey together! It couldn’t have been more sweet and just perfect for them. This photo still gives me ALL the feels.

My little brother graduated from Basic training! The Texas sun was Scorching! But that didn’t stop us all from hugging long and crying hard. We are so proud of him for this decision!

Alyssa & Max had the most laid-back, hilarious, and fun wedding! We cried, we laughed, we threw confetti, and Max ended the night with the BEST cover of ACDC’s “Thunderstruck” you’ve ever heard in your life. I’d say it was a night that No one will ever forget!

On a toasty day by the Illinois River, high school sweethearts, Tiffany & Cameron, tied the knot with such a gorgeous and tear-filled ceremony! These two are Truly best friends and soulmates. I am so honored I was able to be there to capture it all.

I’ve known Savannah since we were very little! Her & Dalton are also high school sweethearts whose wedding will be coming up this year! Talk about such a gentle & loving couple. They are so sweet to each other & I cannot wait to see them tie the knot.

Derrick got promoted, and so we said good-bye to our first home together & all our new friends. We planted our feet again in Kearney, Nebraska! – But not before, asking Ellie to capture us! (It was a Tulsa Bucket List Item of mine!)

Photo By Ellie Be Photography

One of my first photo sessions in Kearney, turned into a friendship! We so thankful that they found me to photograph their fall photos! I told Derrick before I left *jokingly* “Okay! I’m off to make us some new friends!” And that is exactly what happened!

Oh sweet, Brianna & Zack! Let me tell you… This girl knows how to make a rainy day feel like a sunny one! I am over-joyed that I get to be there to experience their wedding day this year!

Nick surprised Melissa at the dog park (where they had their first date) with both their doggies! – My first surprise engagement session + a bunch of puppies.. I was in HEAVEN!

Mr Rohman celebrated his First Birthday!! GAH! Just look at that face!

Sarah & Andrew are such #marriagegoals! As they interact, you can’t help but to notice how they Truly Adore each other and support each other in everything they do! I will never forget their teary walk down the aisle.

My dad started powerline work in the US Virgin Islands from the results of Hurricane Irma. And so, he was unable to attend his anniversary trip with my mom to Cancun, so (like the good daughter I am) glady volunteered to take his place! It was my first Mother-Daughter Trip. And although we didn’t get ANY sunshine, I did get some great quality time and memories with my mom.

Back in Nebraska, I was so honored with photographing such kind families! Let me tell ya! Nebraska has some Good Looking People! Just look at the Rost’s, the Brandt’s, and the Whitefoot’s!

I am So thankful for all my clients trusting me to photograph these special moments! Nothing brings me greater joy than having the ability to show you just How much you are loved, adored, and treasured in this crazy life. I hope you can back on these images for years to come with family or friends, and be filled with love, laughter, and lots and lots of memories that you may have forgotten otherwise!

And lastly, our adorable pups! – Highly recommend hats with a built-in beard && rewarding good behavior with treats.


Kasey Colby

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