Dear Bride

Dear Bride,

I can’t believe you are getting Married today! It seems like just yesterday that we were hanging out at your house while eating your mom’s Delicious muffins… We had the most memorable, crazy times together that I will Never forget.

Now that your wedding is here, I just can’t help but to tear up seeing the amazing woman you’ve become. You are so caring, thoughtful, and most importantly- always there for me (no matter how far away we are).

He is without-a-doubt your Prince Charming that you’ve been looking for. I have never seen you so happy as you are now.

I pray that your marriage is filled with lots of laughter, fun, forgiveness, amazing memories and relentless love. Chose each other every single day. And know that I’ll always be here cheering you guys on.

I love you Always, girl.

Cheers! <3

(something like what my speech tonight sounds like…)

<3 Kasey Colby

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