Do I Reschedule My Wedding?

First of all, I want to preface this by saying that this was written specifically for COVID19 Brides/Grooms. Depending on when you are reading this, it may or may not apply – take any advice you like and if you don’t like it then don’t listen to it!

Also, many brides and groom just want a clear answer right now. ” What do we do? ” And unfortunately none of us have a clear answer. No one can tell you what the right decision is or when this will all end, or even what life will look like after this is over!? So..

Whatever decision you make – is the right one for you.

Don’t let your opinionated “Aunt Kathy” or mom (or dad!) tell you what you need to do for YOUR wedding. If you want to get married anyway, because “DANG IT! I ordered so much crap with our date on it already and I don’t feel like picking another date!” YOU DO YOU! Don’t let anyone pressure you into a decision that you don’t want.

If you are keeping your date…

Here is a list of ideas that you can do. (*If you like it, take it. If not, then leave it.*)

  1.  You could use this as your excuse to ditch all the wedding traditions that you don’t even like and elope! SO FREEING! No bouquet toss or kissing in-front of a million people for the very first time while they all watch! Eek! If that thought makes you cringe than eloping would be a Great option to consider!
  2. Come to terms with the fact that it might not look the same as what you originally planned! Now, depending on where you live will greatly determine what you will and will not be able to do. Will you need to provide masks and hand sanitizer? Will the chairs need to be placed 6 ft apart? Maybe you can only have 10 people there – all things to consider depending on where and when your wedding is.
  3. I heard of an idea about “wedding hopping”!? (Like bar-hopping but throughout your wedding day) You’d start the day getting ready with a group of 10 people. Then you’d get married together with 10 people max. Afterwards, hopping from house-to-house (10 people max) celebrating with different groups of people! Not ideal, but hey! I think that’s a great way to be able to see everyone!
  4. Consider a Ceremony-Only Day and plan to have the party at a later date! Still not the same, but think of it as you’ll have more time to actually spend with your new husband/wife than you typically would on a traditional wedding day! (PS some couples are BEYOND grateful that it’s working out this way for them! It’s definitely better than you might think!)

If you are changing your date…

Here is a list of tips and advice. (*If you like it, take it. If not, then leave it.*)

  1. I (personally) would wait it out as long as possible! Because if your original date were to come and you could have had the wedding, you’d be So disappointed! -If you have a wedding planner, talk to them about it!
  2. If you have made up your mind and picked a later date this year, plan for another back-up date in 2021! We really don’t know how long this thing will last!
  3. Come up with a fun way to celebrate on your original date! Dance to your first dance song in your livingroom and have a special dinner and dessert!
  4. On your original date, don’t be afraid to cry and mourn this loss. But make sure you remember the Real reason for your wedding day – a beautiful marriage.
  5. You could read each other your vows and/or write each other a letter telling your partner how much you look forward to being their husband/wife.
  6. Check with all your vendors and make sure that the date you are changing to is available in their schedule!! SO important! If not, make sure you know what they are and aren’t willing to do to help you! Many wedding vendors are being so gracious right now with couples having to go through this! (And honestly, if they aren’t being gracious with you than you’re dodging a bullet by them not being available for your rescheduled date!)

Lastly, just know that I am rooting for you and 1000% know what you are going through (as my wedding date is scheduled for this September)!

If you have any other helpful tips or advice, I’d love to hear it so that I can pass it along to as many brides/grooms as possible!


Kasey Colby

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