Mr & Mrs Jordan

On September 29th, Avery & Ashley started the next great chapter of their lives together surrounded by all the people they love. Their day was filled with lots of love, laughter, happy tears, and dancing. My favorite part? Seeing Avery tear up as his gorgeous bride walked down the aisle towards him. Those are the kinds of moments that make me fall in-love with being a wedding photographer over and over again.

I pray that you laugh together for more beautiful years than you could have ever imagined. I pray that your marriage is blessed in more ways than you both thought possible. I pray that through your marriage you can spread joy and love to all of those around you. And lastly, I pray that you can not only find comfort and joy in each other, but that you will continue to be best friends for all of the years ahead <3 Amen.

Florals: Local Blooms

Location: Red Rock, Morton

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