How to Prepare for your Engagement Session

First of all YAY! This is so exciting and is likely your first time taking professional photos together. Don’t worry about how to pose, or “what do I do with my arms?!” I GOTCHU. My engagement sessions are total cuddle sessions! I will play music and direct you guys! And I promise we will have fun with it – even if you think you won’t like it!

If you haven’t already discussed location ideas with me, try to think of places that mean a lot to your relationship or your love story. Say you met at a baseball park or he proposed downtown next to the riverfront, those would be Lovely places to consider having your session. If you’d rather not take the whole session there, see if there are any nearby parks!

Also, this is part of my job! If you have an idea, throw it out there! If you don’t, that’s cool too! I have plenty of spots that we can pick from. But it definitely helps to have a “vibe” you’re going for! (For example, country/grassy fields, near a lake/river, or downtown/city, etc!)


I always recommend two outfits- one dressier and one more casual. (AKA Wear your best dress for at least one outfit!)


  • Don’t match! Coordinate

Don’t wear the same colors or patterns. Rather, wear colors and textures that compliment each other! I recommend choosing neutrals with a pop of color. Example: He could wear dark, denim jeans with a lighter, blue colored shirt. She could wear a sunflower yellow dress or a red dress!

  • Wear something you’re comfortable in!

This is SO important! If your jeans are too tight, or your dress hugs a part of your body that you are self-conscious of, then pick something else!! Your un-comfortability will show through in the images!

  • Layers, Layers, Layers!

Layers add texture and dimension to your photos making them more visually appealing! So if it’s fall: throw on a scarf, a jacket, or a cardigan! If it’s spring or summer: add a hat, a belt, or a light kimono!

What to Avoid when picking your Outfits:

  • Large logos
  • Baseball Caps (Unless you are doing a baseball themed photoshoot)
  • Neon Colors
  • Thin Stripes (my camera cannot comprehend colors and shapes with this on it!)
  • Large Text  (remember those old Hollister shirts?! … Yeah don’t wear that.)
  • Sunglasses  (leave those in the car!)

Lastly, plan to get ready earlier than normal so that you aren’t running behind. A rushed couple is an unhappy couple and AIN’T NOBODY want to take photos when they are unhappy! If you can get there early that’s great too!

Most of all, remember that your engagement session is about the love you share. The photo-taking part is a breeze when you just focus on your partner! Leave the rest to me and I promise we’ll leave the session with your partner saying, “That wasn’t so bad after-all!” or “That was actually pretty fun!”

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