How to Start Planning Your Wedding

You’re Engaged!! YAY!! That’s so exciting!! Now that it’s sunk in.. the overwhelm might sink-in as well. There’s so much to do! SO much to plan for! I know the feeling. Coming from someone who has dreamed of her wedding day since being a little girl, when it comes time to actually start.. It’s very Overwhelming! In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my best advice for how to start planning your wedding. We’ll cover determining the time of year to have it, where you want to have your wedding, and how to determine the style of your wedding! After reading this post, you’ll feel excited to start planning because you’ll know where to start!

What season do you love the most?

When you start to plan your wedding, determining what season you’d like to have it, is the best place to start! There are positives & negatives of each one, but it’s up to you guys to choose what suits you both best! Think of your careers & families.. Are there certain times of year that are busier than others? If it helps, create a positives/negatives list to help you both decide. No matter what season you choose, know that there is No Wrong Answer! Pick the season that suits you both best! (I do not recommend choosing a specific date just yet! Several options are good to have. Specific dates can be chosen when you book your venue/location!)

Where should you have your wedding?

For some people, this is an easy question. However, for others (like myself) it can be one of the hardest decisions! Things to consider: What place means the most to you are your soon-to-be-husband/wife? Do you want your family there? (If so, will this location be an option for them?) Do you want to elope? (You can still elope with family there too!) For myself, we decided that since both our families live 9 hours apart that one (if not both) would have to travel anyway, so why not choose a place that means the most to us? We decided to get married in the city where we first said “I love you”! The options for you are endless! Think outside of the box & don’t worry about other people’s opinions it’s Your Wedding Day! 

What’s your wedding style?

Pinterest is the best help for starting this part of the planning process! Create a board and start pinning anything wedding-related that catches your eye! From there, open your board and see if you can find a common theme or a photo that you love the most! What about this image(s) do you like the most? Is it the colors? Is it the florals? The dress/suits? I like to choose one main image and then base the rest of the colors/theme off of that! From there, you can decide what does & doesn’t flow with your overall theme & style! Remember to tie-in lots of personal elements from your story! Weddings are meant to be unique! Don’t let the wedding industry make you think your wedding needs to be “cookie cutter’! You Do You!! 

In this article, I shared how to pick what season to have your wedding, how to determine the location, and your wedding style. Hopefully after reading this you feel ready & excited to start the process!! Just remember that it’s supposed to be FUN!! If it starts to not feel that way, take a break, slow down, ask for help, and remember that the most important thing is that you’re marrying the love of your life. On the day-of, all the details will fade away, so don’t take it too seriously! That’s what you hire the professionals for!! Share this post with a friend who’s engaged! Or join my email list to learn more about planning the wedding of your dreams!

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