What Camera Should I Buy?

Each year, I get asked this question from so many people! So I thought this year, I’d put together a helpful blog post for anyone wondering!

** Note that all of the information here is based off of my personal opinion. You can take what you like and leave the rest. Photography is an art, and so opinions change with each and every photographer that you’d ask!

So you’re wondering what kind of camera to buy?

This could be either for yourself or for someone special in your life! Either way, I’m basing my response on the assumption that the owner of this new camera will be somewhat new to photography and does not consider themselves a professional.

I, personally, shoot with Canon cameras (but honestly, Canon vs Nikon is like Coke vs Pepsi! Either brand is good!) The DSLR industry is moving toward “mirrorless” which means there isn’t a mirror-flipping mechanism inside that eventually wears out over time!

Types of Cameras

However, for a beginner camera, any of the Canon Rebel cameras would be great! (I wouldn’t buy anything over 4 years old!) My best recommendation is to buy a camera body alone, and buy the lens separately. Usually the lenses that come with the camera (they call it the Kit lens) isn’t very good! Typically the clarity & glass is very cheap, you’re going to get higher quality images by buying a lens separately! Just make sure that when you buy your body & lens separately, that you get the right “mount” for your lens! This basically means the place where you screw on the lens will match the threading of the camera that you attach it to. (Adapters can be available if you happen to get the wrong mount. However, I suggest doing the research ahead of time to avoid the extra piece of equipment and extra money spent!)

Types of Lenses

For portrait photography, “Prime” lenses are the best. They can create that blurry background that everyone loves! Prime lenses are Fixed, meaning they don’t zoom in and out. You have to actually get closer or farther away from your subject for that! My favorite Prime is my 50mm. I literally use it for everything! However, if you’re wanting something more versatile for lots of movement/sports a 24-70mm lens would be great!

I also highly recommend renting before buying if possible! www.borrowlenses.com is amazing! I always rent from them before I buy!

More Specific Recommendations:

Here are some links to cameras that I recommend for beginners/hobbyists:

Canon EOS Rebel T7 Body Only

Canon EOS Rebel T8i Body Only

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 Body Only with Built in WiFi

Here are some links to lenses that I recommend for beginners/hobbyists:

Canon EF-S 35mm (Prime lens)

Canon EF 50mm (Prime lens)

Sigma 17-50mm (Zoom lens)

Sigma 18-300mm (Bigger Zoom lens)

* You can find lenses that are cheaper! Just know that you get what you pay for when it comes to lenses! If it’s far cheaper, there is likely a reason for it.

* Sigma & Canon are both great lens brands! I personally have two Sigma lenses and love them.

Invest in Education

Lastly, when I first started, I loved taking courses on www.clickphotoschool.com they have great teachers & resources! You can likely find a class on anything you’re looking for! It’s a great place to start!
Let me know if you have any questions after reading this! I’d love to help you make the right decisions for you/your special someone! Just send me an email or a message on social media.
Happy Shopping!
Kasey Fanton
Kasey holding her camera

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