What I wish I knew..

Have you ever wondered what past brides and grooms have said they wish they knew before their wedding day… Welllll lucky you!! I’ve compiled a list of advice from everyone that I know (including my past brides & grooms) Here they are:

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“The day will go by in the-blink-of-an-eye”

Hands Down. This is the most common answer that anyone will tell you. The day goes by SO fast! So how are you planning ahead to make sure that you are making the most of the time that you have? Plan 30 minutes that you can just spend alone with your new husband/wife!

“Not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy the process. -Probably one of (husband) and I’s most trying times”

This answer is the second-most common. I LOVE details – truly. However, if there are certain details of the day that are stressing you out.. Get rid of it! OR is there an alternative option that would “do the job” without all the stress?

“It didn’t occur to us to tell specific family members to stay at the church for family photos, so a lot of people left right away and weren’t in any photos. We had a photo list and order, but we definitely didn’t communicate it with our extended family.”

SO important!! One of the most stressful parts of the day is during Family Formal Portraits. A shot list for your photographer & making sure the right people are told where to go and when – is So important to get the job done quickly and painlessly!

“Have a go to person if something comes up they take care of it, on that day all that matters is the I Do’s. Someone else takes care of little things.”

Love this tip!! This is why Wedding Planners/ Day-of Coordinators are so important! It’s your day – you shouldn’t spend it telling everyone where items belong or who needs to do what! If you are not hiring a planner or coordinator, consider a cousin/aunt/guest who is good at giving directions be the honorary “Day-of Coordinator”. 99% of the time they will be more than happy to help in anyway you ask!

And my personal, all-time favorite:

“Focus more on the marriage than on the wedding! That one day will come and go quickly. And don’t expect a perfect fairytale day. Just roll with whatever happens (Rain etc)”

Life always is throwing unexpected things our way. The only thing that we can plan for is that things won’t go as planned! So just remember the reason for the day and you won’t be disappointed!

Wedding Planning Advice, Wish I Knew, Planning, Advice,

No matter what, I gotchu! That’s why picking a amazing photographer is so important – they roll with it and help make your day the best (no matter what)!


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