Philippians 4:13

"I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength."

I fell in love with photography before I could even remember... Growing up around a mother and grandmother who loved photography & documenting their family.. I guess you could say that it came natural to me. Mom trusted me to take her beloved camera with me (almost) anywhere! Until, I was given a Kodak Easyshare while in grade school, and decided that my friends were my new 'models'. Once in high school, I worked my way up to becoming the Editor in Chief of our yearbook! I attended so many games hoping to get the best shots, as well as, created the image in Photoshop that would be the cover of that year's yearbook. In 2012, I started college at Illinois State University. And in 2016, I received my Bachelor's degree in Small Business Management / Entrepreneurship. I now live in Kearney, NE with my sweet, southern catch. But I often travel back to my hometown, Peoria IL, to visit family and to photograph my loving clients! 

Kasey Colby

Dog Mom, BEliever, Dancer & Margarita Lover

My favorite part about being a wedding photographer is hard to choose. But here's a few...
- I adore watching the beginning of a new chapter unfold right in front of my eyes!
- When Dad holds back tears from seeing his little girl all grown up
- To see the bride and groom kiss in secrecy right after the ceremony.
- Being able to relax & encourage the bride and groom throughout the day (& to help them enjoy all the small, sweet moments together)
- When everyone gathers on the dance floor and "hidden talents" start to come out!
- To feel the love that they share for each other and also for their families & friends that are there.
- And cake. Who doesn't love cake?!

Why weddings?


I feel strongly called to serve and teach people who are going through what I have gone through or are working in the creative industry alongside me. To learn from each other, to teach them what I know and grow together - even if we have the same clientele - is SO rewarding for me! I have fostered this calling best by starting up a Rising Tide Society chapter in my local town. I am proud to be a part of such an encouraging and supportive creative community around the world & hope to pass that on to any creative-preneur I encounter. "The rising tide lifts all boats." - JFK 
If you are reading this and want to know more, please please! reach out to me and I would be happy to share this wonderful community with you!

Say Whaaaat?!
That's Right! I launched Dear Birdie in July of 2018. Dear Birdie is an online women's clothing boutique named after my Great Grandma Birdie. Who was and still is my biggest role model. 
My goal with this boutique is to make young women feel confident, inspired, and most importantly - LOVED.
Every month, we highlight one young, lady-boss to give us a little behind the scenes on their business and why they started! I hope we can inspire other young women to fight for their dreams and goals, and to never loose faith! 

Boutique Owner

Dear Birdie

I'm so thankful