it's all about

the details

As your wedding day approaches, I strive to make you both feel relaxed, confident, and excited! It is Your day to celebrate the love you share and I am so thrilled to be a part of it.
Every detail, each moment of love and all the in-betweens - together we can document your day in a way that will take you back and fill you with the same love and joy that you'll share between your sweetheart and your families that day. 



Photography for the people who:
love cuddling up to watch movies together
wish they could spend all of their time with their "person"
share inside jokes together
laugh until their belly aches

Photography for the people who:
love with every part of their soul
continue their family traditions & create some of their own
live their life with hope and joy towards the future
feed their soul with trips to new places

Photography for the people who:
dance like no one's watching
love their friends as if they are family
continually striving to self-improve
& are joyful in their pursuit of life!

The Photography By Kasey



Families, couples, seniors, self-loving sessions - whatever it might be I can promise you that we'll have fun & you'll leave our time together feeling joyful & excited to see what we've created together! Once we schedule a date, we can begin discussing location options, outfit ideas, and whatever else you might have in mind to make your session unique and all your own.


I hold weddings days very near & dear to my heart!  I become not only your photographer, but a friend, a hairdresser and dress fixer, a shoulder to lean on, a dance partner on the dance floor, and your #1 marriage cheerleader! Each wedding is unique & special - & you should be confident that you will be able to treasure it for years to come! 


Engagement sessions are particularly fun! I have a unique opportunity to show you as a couple just how fun and relaxed taking photos together can truly be. I have the chance to get to know you as a couple and how you interact with each other - which is one of my favorite parts! From here, we can both gauge whether we are a good fit for your wedding day!



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