Booking Wedding Photography

Hey friend! In this post, I want to share with you my process for booking your wedding photography with myself (Kasey Fanton Photography)!

First of all, YAY!! I am so so excited that you are wanting to book your wedding photography with me. It is truly an honor that I don’t take lightly!! I cannot wait to hear all about your vision, what you hope for, and help you in any way that I can!

These are the things that we need to know in order to make sure that we are a good fit:

  1. Your Wedding Date!
    1. If you have a set date, that’s great! I can check my calendar to make sure that I am currently available for you!
    2. If you do not have a set date but really want me to shoot your wedding, I can let you know my availability for that time of year. I’ll need to know what months and days of the week that you are interested in! From there, I can let you know what my schedule looks like and we can pick a date together that could work for us!!
    3. Also, HERE is some great advice for choosing your wedding date!
  2. Your Budget
    1. Not everyone has a budget, and that’s okay! I know that it can be hard to discern what you want your budget to look like when you’ve (likely) never gone through this process before! I’m am here to help! Know that my prices for wedding photography start at $4000. However, I am open to working with anyone to build a package that may better suit you!
    2. If you do have a budget, that’s great! If one of my packages fits you, that’s wonderful!! If not, know that we can work together to create a custom package more suited to your needs & budget.
  3. Your style/vision
    1. Let me know as many details as you can of your vision for the day! I want to provide you with the best experience possible!

After you look over my packages, you may be wondering…

How much coverage time do I want?

  1. Deciding on your coverage time
    1. The way my packages are set up, gives you the choice between 6-10 hours of photography coverage. Here is my best explanation of which packages may be best for you:
      1. 8 hours: This coverage is my most common for a traditional wedding day timeline! Works great for weddings with and without a first look. This coverage will cover all the bases from getting-ready all the way into dancing in the reception!
      2. 10 hours: This package is everything! Gives me ample amount of time to get details/getting ready photos, more than enough time photographing the dance floor, as well as, a second shooter to capture different angles throughout the day!

After you decide on a package,

these are the steps that we take to book your wedding photography!

  1. Consultation Call
    1. This call is a great way to ask any questions after you look over my packages, and get to know each other a little bit before any commitment is made! If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to see if our personalities mesh well! It’s laidback and no pressure & a fun way to get to know each other!
  2. Booking
    1. Contract Signed
      1. After you let me know which package you both want, I’ll write up a custom proposal – with a contract to cover all our bases. This is to protect the both of us in case anything crazy happens!
      2. If you look over the contract and have questions, I’d love to discuss it!
    2. Retainer Paid
      1. In order to lock your date in my calendar, I require a 20% down deposit of whichever package you choose. From there, the rest of your payments can be broken down as much (or as little) as you’d like! With the last payment being due one month before your wedding date!
      2. Any questions about payments or refunds, should be found in your custom contract. Or we can discuss it via email/phone call!
    1. Once your contract is signed & your deposit had been paid, we are OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL!!
    2. Next, we start planning your complimentary engagement session!! Click HERE to see my advice on planning your engagement session!

If you are reading this post to book your wedding photography with me, know that I am so so grateful for you. Because of you, I am able to live my dream of being a wedding photographer! Clients like you, are the reason that I love this career so so much!

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