Illinois Backyard Engagement Session

Brad & Alison (& Olive) were the Sweetest! For their engagement session, we decided to take them in Illinois in Brad’s Dad’s backyard! (Because they are family friends, I’ve seen their yard before and Knew that it would be absolutely perfect for their photos!)

I know that I say that a lot but seriously!! Olive was being super adorable and behaving SO well for her mom and dad! (Just wait until you see the ring shot that we got!! *AHH!!* I think I told them a million times how excited I was that we got that picture! I still cannot believe it.)

Also (& obviously), Brad and Allison are seriously the cutest couple. As I was photographing them, I was just waiting for it to start pouring down rain and then they would have a total Notebook scene at Any Moment!! *Ugh*  I died.


They were so great that I didn’t want it to be over! By the end, we got some great dip” shots of them as the sun was setting… And if you can’t already tell that I was in heaven.. I was in heaven. 

Also I must mention, that I am so honored to be their photographer. Brad’s family has been long-time friends with my parents. I am absolutely thrilled that I get be there for them on their wedding day! PS These two met right here where we took these photos! Seriously you guys.. I can’t even handle the adorableness of this session!

While planning their outfits, they followed my tips for How to prepare for your Engagement Session! And I’d say they Nailed It!!

To find outfits like what Allison wore, check out these adorable shops in Newburgh, Indiana!:

I may or may not be completely obsessed with these three boutiques!

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