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Evansville Indiana, Snowy Engagement Session with Caleb and Whitney. Photography By Kasey Fanton took the couple downtown, and then to Blue Grass Wildlife

Snowy Indiana Engagement Session

snowy indiana engagement session

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Brad & Alison (& Olive) were the Sweetest! For their engagement session, we decided to take them in Illinois in Brad’s Dad’s backyard! (Because they are family friends, I’ve seen their yard before and Knew that it would be absolutely perfect for their photos!) I know that I say that a lot but seriously!! Olive […]

Illinois Backyard Engagement Session

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First of all YAY! This is so exciting and is likely your first time taking professional photos together. (Unless your name is Derrick Fanton… My poor fiancé has had to get professional portrait sessions taken with me 4 times before our engagement session!! LOL) Don’t worry about how to pose our “what do I do […]

How to Prepare for your Engagement Session

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YAY! So you or someone you know just got engaged & there’s a party to celebrate!! That’s so exciting!! But wait… Are we supposed to bring a gift? If so, what the heck to you get?! First of all, gifts are not mandatory! However, gifts are always appreciated! Here is a list of gifts that […]

Gift Ideas for Engagement Party

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I love how Aaron & Sarah wear their joy on their faces for how much they love each other!! These two were so much fun! They braved the cold wind and were up for anything!! Their wedding in November is going to be so much fun! – I cannot wait!!  

Aaron & Sarah

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