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First of all, I want to preface this by saying that this was written specifically for COVID19 Brides/Grooms. Depending on when you are reading this, it may or may not apply – take any advice you like and if you don’t like it then don’t listen to it! Also, many brides and groom just want […]

Do I Reschedule My Wedding?

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Due to COVID-19, I’ve been getting creative with at-home date night ideas with my hubby! Some of these I have yet to do & others we’ve tried & loved! Because I love you guys and want your marriages and relationships to not only thrive, but be fun & exciting!.. I’ve complied a list of creative, at-home […]

At-Home Date Night Ideas

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YAY! So you or someone you know just got engaged & there’s a party to celebrate!! That’s so exciting!! But wait… Are we supposed to bring a gift? If so, what the heck to you get?! First of all, gifts are not mandatory! However, gifts are always appreciated! Here is a list of gifts that […]

Gift Ideas for Engagement Party

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I love how Aaron & Sarah wear their joy on their faces for how much they love each other!! These two were so much fun! They braved the cold wind and were up for anything!! Their wedding in November is going to be so much fun! – I cannot wait!!  

Aaron & Sarah

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Have you ever wondered what past brides and grooms have said they wish they knew before their wedding day… Welllll lucky you!! I’ve compiled a list of advice from everyone that I know (including my past brides & grooms) Here they are: “The day will go by in the-blink-of-an-eye” Hands Down. This is the most […]

What I wish I knew..

Wedding Planning, Advice, Wish You Knew, How to Plan a Wedding,

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I want to start this by sharing that this is strictly about moving your house and life over 500+ miles! Derrick’s (my Fiancé) career moved him from Alabama to Oklahoma… Then we moved in together, and moved from Oklahoma to Nebraska in 2 weeks. And now his promotion is moving us to the Indiana/Illinois/Kentucky area! […]

How to Move to Across States (Part 1)

Moving, Packing, How to Move,

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On Friday afternoon, I met Chase and Mariah for the very first time. You can see the way Chase truly adores her.. The whole time he was telling her how beautiful she is, encouraging her, and making her laugh. They are seriously so Relationship Goals! I mean come on! Just look at these two!! I […]

Chase & Mariah

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Okay! So you did the thing! You hired a photographer, set up a date, and got pictures taken! They sent you a link to download the final images… Now What?? Step One: Download all the images  May I repeat – Download Them All onto your computer! Now all photographers have their galleries set up differently, […]

I got my photos back.. Now what?

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On September 29th, Avery & Ashley started the next great chapter of their lives together surrounded by all the people they love. Their day was filled with lots of love, laughter, happy tears, and dancing. My favorite part? Seeing Avery tear up as his gorgeous bride walked down the aisle towards him. Those are the […]

Mr & Mrs Jordan

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On September 15th, Kayla & Dominic gathered in Davenport, Iowa with their closest friends and family. I was overjoyed to be there taking photos of this special day, being as I’ve always admired Kayla’s photography while growing up! I couldn’t wait for their wedding, because I know how long Kayla has waited to marry Dominic. […]

Mr & Mrs Kleffmann

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